Required Reading: Rivers of London

I recently came across the excellent Rivers of London books by Ben Aaronovitch.  If you liked my book, you’ll like this series.

I’ve often struggled with how exactly to categorize A God for Thieves.  Elisabeth is the one who put it out in the world, and the paths she went with broke down into, basically:

Horror > Dark Fantasy


Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

These are both perfectly good classifications for my book.  But I often wish there was a category path that went Fantasy > Contemporary & Urban > Crime Fiction.  Because what I feel like what I’m writing are crime thrillers that just happen to have fantasy elements in them.

And that’s what Ben Aaronovitch’s books are like.  If you like a good mix of humor, magic, and mystery, you could do a lot worse than the first book, Midnight Riot.  Aaronovitch’s writing is excellent.  He’s built a very believable magical world inside London with its own rules and history.  There’s a great mix of twists you see coming and ones that surprise you but make perfect sense on reflection.  I also appreciate his excellent characters, with an ethnically diverse and gender balanced cast.  Not to mention a sprinkling of references so nerdy even I have to look one up occasionally.  I mean, book four has a “Shaka, when the walls fell” joke in it.

I finished reading the first five books in about a month, and I’m eagerly awaiting the June release of book six.

Really, what are you still reading this blog for?  Go read the Rivers of London books.

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